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ericabvrreto aspires to collaboratively increase educational access and possibilities for engagement with the arts in her community. Her experience in this field is especially focused on public humanities, interdisciplinary and cross-sector connections, multicultural awareness, as well as efforts to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Multicultural Alliance

at BART Charter Public School

The Multicultural Alliance establishes a respectful platform to explore the evolving conceptions of multiculturalism through the practice of mindful listening, conscious dialogue, and the inclusion of diverse perspectives.


We encourage the group to learn from and reflect on diverse experiences in order to positively enhance our understandings of multiculturalism, identity, and community.


As an after-school program advisor, Erica works with students in grades

6-12. She also collaborates with school faculty/administrators and shares resources to help curate experiences that 

celebrate multicultural excellence.

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“It revealed to me the power of community conversation, the value of interdisciplinary studies and the capacity of this work to positively impact future generations of students”

Institute for the Arts and Humanities

Supported with funding from the Mellon Foundation

The Institute serves as an interdisciplinary catalyst to investigate and address our most pressing issues on campus and in the community while utilizing area arts and humanities resources.

The goals of the institute are to:

  • Promote access to interdisciplinary arts and humanities resources within Berkshire County through community partnerships and events that increase their visibility to the MCLA community while and engaging MCLA students and faculty in deep and contemporary experiential learning opportunities.

  • Increase broadly defined notions of diversity on campus (race/ethnicity, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, language, culture, national origin, religious commitments, age, (dis)ability status, political perspectives, etc.)

  • Work towards increasing equity and by responding to any perceived bias and discrimination with professional development workshops.

  • Create a safe and inclusive community where difference is welcomed and celebrated.

Conversations on Race

Capstone Course at MCLA

As the Teaching Assistant for the Conversations on Race Capstone course at MCLA, Erica worked with Dr. Frances Jones-Sneed to design curriculum and create culminating and integrative learning experiences that encourage students to capitalize on their knowledge gained post-grad.

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