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Practice makes better.

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This workshop invites participants to construct a hybrid poem using foreign-language words and phrases, most of which do not translate to English because their meaning is contextually specific to a cultural temperament.

The Creativity Capsule is a creative place making project that invites the public to:  

  • interact with critical thinking materials,

  • respond to collaborative writing prompts that promote meaningful discussion with other members in the community, and

  • establish both personal and interpersonal connections regarding the power of language.

With a collaborative, community chalkboard art installation, I asked the public to be interactive--take a piece of chalk and write down a word, a phrase, a stanza, a sentence. Let's make poetry happen. 

In this hybrid poetic project, I pass the threshold and explore the unfathomable realms of Dimethyltryptamine (DMT). Just as the molecule is structured in such a dynamic way, so is my hybrid poetic project. Form and content work together to mirror the psychedelic compound when language is not enough. A genre-bending experience where art, science, humanity and spirit blend.

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