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Erica Barreto actively exercises her passions for the arts, experiential learning, and writing throughout her many professional roles, leadership experiences, workshop facilitation, community-based projects, publications and research opportunities. Currently, Erica is a Writing Associate helping individuals improve their relationship to writing across all stages of the process. Erica’s most rewarding experiences with education include serving as a Writing Academic Tutor Counselor for incoming college freshman as well as Teaching Assistantships with “Writing in the Arts & Culture” course and “Conversations on Race” capstone at Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts (MCLA) where she is expected to graduate in May 2018 with a Bachelor of the Arts in English/Communications, Creative Writing, and a minor in Arts Management.


Erica exercises the art of expression and writing as a tool to incite change. By incorporating a variety of stylistic endeavors and gaining influence from arts education initiatives, Erica’s work embodies a playful mix of formal and aesthetic strategies that challenge conventional boundaries of genre. Her experimental technique instrumentally heightens her audiences’ experience because she constructs her form to implicitly complement content in order to flower meaningful connections embedded within her work.


An experimental implementation of hybridity within writing will establish a nexus between mainstream language and linguistic subversiveness in the interest of altering perceptions of dominant culture, cultivating ideas of an all-inclusive society, and revolutionizing audience receptiveness to exploring and revitalizing the human condition.


I am a creative writer whose unfurling inspiration is rooted in a genuine curiosity for learning how to incite change because I am swayed to believe the art of writing has the capacity to transcend thinking and existing for the better. My writing exemplifies the desire to alter another’s perception and shape unconventional yet creative connections. I aspire to move you fluidly, naturally endeavoring to engage the mind through text and encourage motivation across all audiences.

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