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The fractal /ˈfræktəl/ is a chaotic phenomenon. A geometrical structure having an irregular or fragmented shape at all scales of measurement between the greatest and smallest degree such that certain mathematical properties of the structure, as the perimeter or flow rate in a porous medium, behave as if the fractal dimensions of the structure are greater than the spatial dimensions. Fractals are useful in modeling structures: sunflowers, eroded coastlines, snowflakes, crystal growth, fluid turbulence, galaxy formation.

  1. April 19. I see Fibonacci ascending, spiraling the clouds. A pirouette of our atmosphere molds the blank space we breathe. Suddenly the air is no longer empty. Refracted light mirrors the helix twist of our dna, transcending the nothingness of our natural world to become visible, and for a moment, I swear even tangible.

  1. Psychology has taught me the reality we live in has been determined by all you can physically perceive. None of this is real. There are colors beyond our retinal perception, sounds lost in an audible, vibrational wave of pressure and displacement beyond our retention. Descartes believed in deception. But do I believe my mind can truly deceive me of my own existence? To think: I am hiding from an ultimate reality, to have my universe stolen right out from my feet. Cogito ergo sum is the only notion that keeps me thinking.

  1. Dimethyltryptamine is produced within your body, present at birth and passing.

  1. April 20. I don’t think that the walls can breathe, but I’ll consider that stars connect like dots the same way your love strums harp chords between us. I determine my sense of reality.

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