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Welcome to the Jungle

Welcome to the Jungle

A Love Letter

Within my body, beneath the bones

a wildness thrives -

A mess of tangled vines

climbs my ribs

in search of something Human.

You sent me

on an errand into the wilderness -

I went to hunt

and you helped me gather

myself together.

I told you

the jungle is a dangerous

labrynth to fall in love with -

Yet deeply,

you rooted yourself

into my forest

where toxins synthesize

into treasured breaths

of oxygen.

In the early morning,

you open your sleepy eyes

beside me -

The most soulful

shade of green

stares back at me.

I can feel the forest blush

with ripened passion fruit -

I can taste the nectar on my tongue

when your lips prey my neck

and your hands honeysuckle my hips.

We blossom the flora

and nurture the fauna,

harvesting Earthly delight -

In the jungle,

you wild my heart to life.

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