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The Power of Words: A Poem

Circa 2017

Just run with it, like you would with a pangram but expand your alphabet and use the inexplicable thoughts that erupt from your volcanic mind.

Get messy.

You need to learn how to dance before you can fight: communication is your weapon, words are your ammunition. Fire.

Learn to live like a verb, you are not a noun. You are in constant motion because existence is a fractalized condition. Language is subject to evolution.

Learn to flirt with paradox. It’s a bit of a rattlesnake but you’ll get the hang of it. A serpent’s tongue rarely gets lost in translation and you’ll want to defend yourself against the venom.

I am giving you an errand into the wilderness. Explore the jungle of information your consciousness has planted. You are on a scavenger hunt for rare phenomena and explanation.

Listen to your mother, to your teachers, to the youthful ambition of your generation, but think for yourself.

Think your thoughts into existence, not out of necessity but for the provocation of knowledge.

Be a linguistic creature with a kinesthetic infatuation. Appreciate the texture of language, replicate the sounds with your mouth and if you don’t like the taste of poorly translated word vomit, you’re onto something.

Be loud.

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